BarTender is the leading true Windows barcode label software program.

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BarTender – The World’s Leading Label & RFID Software

Seagull Scientific has been a trend-setting innovator of auto ID technology since 1985. In fact, BarTender was the very first Windows label program to support both laser and thermal printers. Today, we are the world’s largest developer of true Windows drivers for label and RFID tag printers. Hundreds of thousands of users in more than 150 countries trust BarTender as the easiest and most reliable software in the label industry.

Printing high quality labels is just part of managing supply chain functions such as manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. That’s why BarTender has the intelligence to run both stand-alone and as a part of your other software applications. Advanced integration, advanced printer management, and advanced security functions are just some of what you get with the world’s most advanced label software package.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Intuitive mouse motions, helpful “wizards”, and our incredibly careful attention to the “look and feel” make BarTender seem familiar the first time you use it. Then, a variety of power features ensure your design freedom as you become expert.

Compliance Labels and Ready-to-Print Formats

Whether you use our ready-to-print formats or design brand new labels, you get the power and flexibility to satisfy thousands of compliance label standards.

Exceptional Font Control

“Full-system” Unicode support lets you access a remarkable variety of Windows and printer fonts. Mix text styles within paragraphs and connect them to different database fields.

Advanced, Custom Serialization

Generate anything from the simplest serial numbers to the most advanced custom sequences.

Import and Export Graphics

It’s easy to add company logos and pictures of products. You can also export bar codes for use in other programs. (Supports cameras, scanners, and most graphic formats.)

Native and HTML-Compatible Data-Entry Forms

Easily design custom forms for data entry at print time. The Enterprise Automation edition even displays the dialogs in your web browser!

World’s Most Powerful Scale Support

Accept weight data from a wide variety of scales into your print-time forms.

Web Browser Printing Option

The Enterprise Automation edition lets you browse thumbnail previews of your labels from almost anywhere and launch print jobs for processing by a central copy of BarTender.

Add Your Own Features using Visual Basic Script

Our Visual Basic “Script Assistant” lets you customize BarTender to tackle a wide variety of advanced data-processing challenges.

Smart “Wizards”

Numerous “Wizards” walk you step-by-step through critical design decisions that affect your printing performance and compliance with important label standards.

Multiple-Level Security Protections

Security Center regulates user activity in military, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other high-security environments. Protect individual label formats using passwords and encryption. Use Librarian to manage your publishing process. Audit logged events using History Explorer.

Industrial Symbol Libraries

Choose from hundreds of high-quality, scalable symbols from categories such as electrical, hazardous material, packaging, and more.

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“The staff of ASP are always most helpful and professional and this is important to me as a customer.”


QR Codes are becoming commonplace as a tool for marketing, lean manufacturing processes and even replacing RFID applications due to the large amount of data [more than 5000 characters] which can be stored in a QR code. The QR code can also be used where there are space restrictions such as in an envelope window and can be printed as small as 3 sq mm. QR Codes have been used in such applications since the early 1990’s.

ASP has taken all the benefits of QR Code and developed a very innovative solution to assist organisations such as vehicle manufacturers to automate the process of managing Recall letters.

As part of the regulatory process for Recalls, vehicle manufacturers must send their customers a letter outlining the details of the Recall. They also have to note any change in ownership details for these vehicles as well as track “return-to-sender” letters for their audit compliance purposes. The complete process for just one vehicle can take more than two minutes and as there are usually thousands if not tens of thousands of Recall letters, this can amount to a lot of administration time and potential errors.

ASP’s solution can reduce the time from minutes to only a few seconds by scanning a QR code in the window of the envelope and therefore not needing to even open the return to sender envelope.

The solution communicates with the backend system and eliminates input errors caused by manual data entry.


The master data is normally kept in a backend database such as SAP, Oracle, etc and for each recall campaign, a CSV file is usually generated containing all the pertinent details such as VIN number, Customer name and address, Registration number, etc.

The letters are mail merged and printed for mail out.


The information from the inbound letters are updated into the backend database usually via a CSV import file.

The returns are broadly categorised as

1. Return to Sender
2. Multiple Claims

The Multiple Claims letters have the data amendments recorded in a CSV format again and uploaded to the backend database.

The complete ASP QR Recall Application workflow can be seen in the diagram below.
Return to Sender Image1