Mobile Printing Benefits: Boost Productivity With Portable Printers

Mobile Printing Benefits Boost Productivity Portable Printers

When it comes to the printing of documents and even photos, most businesses have been relying on the same method for many years now. Traditionally, you could only print by uploading files to printers using a direct connection to a storage system or computer. This rigid process was riddled with a variety of challenges including delays and all sorts of inconveniences. 

In a world where office workers are increasingly using a variety of mobile devices, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, to handle their workload, mobile printing is fast replacing the traditional process of printing outlined above. 

Read on below to find out more about this groundbreaking technological advancement in the fast-paced world of information technology, and its associated benefits – the main reasons behind its growing popularity in today’s modern workplace. 

What Is Mobile Printing?

In the simplest of terms, mobile printing can be described as an advanced printing process that allows users to complete printing tasks swiftly and effortlessly, free from any internal obstacles. Workers, or other printer users, send out print jobs to the mobile printer for instant printing after storing or processing the documents in their laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

In this effortless process, there is no need for the user to go to the printer or any other multifunctional device that is directly connected to the printer, and physically activate a print cycle.  

Benefits Of Mobile Printing For Your Business 

Mobile printers are associated with a variety of advantages, including: 

  • Easy To Use: As previously stated, mobile printing is easy and effortless. You don’t need to call in your IT support staff to print documents or photos from any mobile device. This means that visitors, guests and employees can utilise your office’s printing services without going through a confusing and time-consuming guest network set-up process.   
  • Print From Any Device And From Anywhere: With this novel printing process, users can retrieve documents from any of their mobile devices and have them printed instantly. Furthermore, you are able to print documents from anywhere, provided that you have access to the printer’s wireless network.  This also includes printing labels for barcodes and QR codes.
  • Cost Savings: With mobile printing, you can avoid printing everything just to ensure that it is ready when needed. Thanks to the instant printing made possible by this method, you can print documents when they are required – thus saving you from unnecessary wastage of ink and printing paper. 
  • Decreased Printer Traffic: This novel method of printing documents helps reduce the amount of traffic around the office printer each day. This means you won’t need to keep disinfecting your printer to prevent the spread of germs.  
  • Enhanced Productivity: Mobile print makes it possible for employees to print documents wherever they are without having to excuse themselves from meetings or stop what they are doing.   

Mobile Printing Benefits Boost Productivity Portable Printers

How To Choose The Best Mobile Printers

Be sure to consider the following factors when looking for the best phone printer: 

1). Paper Size: Mobile printers come in a variety of sizes, each one designed to accommodate different sheet sizes. Consider your print paper size preference before settling on a given brand or model. 

2). Connectivity: These printers rely on a variety of connectivity options to facilitate and maintain a strong connection with your mobile device. Common connectivity options include USB, Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi. The best option should match the user’s mobile phone connectivity options as well. Some products come with an SD card reader slot as an added alternative.  

3). Ease Of Use: For the easiest printing, look for a product that comes with an easy to use mobile app. You can easily print documents or photos directly from your phone, or any other mobile device, using the compatible official printer application for mobile devices.  

4). Ink Consumption: Lastly, remember to choose a product that features low ink consumption technology.   


If you are looking to revolutionise your organisation’s printing services, a mobile printer is exactly what you need. This means you will be able to enjoy all of the above benefits.

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