What Is Mobile Device Management (MDM) And How Does It Actually Work?

Mobile Device Management How Work

Mobile devices have become a mainstay in today’s modern workplace. Many workers normally use tablets, smartphones and laptops in their day-to-day work activities. Furthermore, as more workers transition to working remotely, either from home or on the road/field, the use of mobile devices is fast becoming essential to the productivity and efficiency of many organisations. 

However, the growing need to use mobile devices in an increasing number of business processes also exposes organisations to mobile data security risks – if the devices in use are lost, stolen or hacked. As it stands, there is a growing need to properly manage mobile devices used in the workplace. Security and IT departments are now required to provide, manage and secure these devices to prevent any data breaches, while also promoting efficiency. 

With the right Mobile Device Management solution, organisations are able to manage all types of mobile devices regardless of the operating systems they may be running. 

What Is MDM Or Mobile Device Management? 

In the simplest of terms, MDM can be defined as the process of safeguarding an organisation’s data security by securing, managing and monitoring mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops among others. To keep the corporate network secure, MDM solutions make it possible for IT and security personnel to regulate and distribute security policies to all devices that access secure/sensitive corporate data.

MDM involves saving important information about each mobile device, specifying which apps can be installed on the devices, locating and even securing any devices that have been stolen or lost. 

It is worth noting that MDM is made up of a number of components, not just the software bit. In essence, software, processes and security policies are applied by organisations onto the mobile devices in question and their use.  

How Does It Work?

Basically, there is an MDM server in a data centre – either in the cloud or on the premises – through which IT team members manage and monitor mobile devices. 

Using a client-server architecture, the MDM server pushes policies, apps and configurations to the devices (the clients) OTA (Over-The-Air). The MDM agent on the devices communicates with the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) built into the operating system of the devices, to apply these policies. 

IT staff members can conveniently manage and monitor the mobile endpoints, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, remotely through the MDM server. To facilitate mobile device management, the server relies on the notification services available to contact like devices.  

Mobile Device Management Features 

  • Mobile device tracking and inventory
  • Enforcement of passwords
  • Data encryption enforcement
  • Distribution of apps or maintenance of an app store for the enterprise
  • Blacklisting and Whitelisting of apps
  • Remote wipe 

Mobile Device Management How Work

Advantages Of Using MDM Solutions

  1. Remote Management: MDM solutions allow IT personnel to manage and monitor devices Over-The-Air (OTA) without affecting the productivity of users or seeking their intervention. 
  2. Satisfy Compliance Requirements: With just a few clicks you can achieve full compliance with a variety of requirements/standards like CJIS, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and ISO. 
  3. Improved Efficiency: You get the opportunity and ability to enhance workflow efficiency by creating policies customised to your specific organisation. 
  4. Enhanced Security: With the right MDM solution, organisations are able to keep corporate data from being saved or shared on third party services; and with it, safeguard its security. 
  5. Time-Saving: MDM helps you avoid wasting time on repetitive actions, like asking users to install various mobile applications and WiFi settings configurations, through automation. 
  6. Enhanced Productivity: Enhance the productivity of your workforce during office hours by making use of policies that block the use of apps that are not related to your organisation’s core operations i.e. non-enterprise apps.  

MDM Solutions Industry Use Cases

  • Transportation: You can track the locations of vehicles, including their travel history, shipments and inventory with the help of MDM solutions. These solutions can also be used to prevent the misuse of devices by locking corporate devices down.  
  • Retail: Mobile Device Management solutions can be used to manage all sorts of mobile devices, which are now widely used in the retail sector thanks to their self-service checkout, mPOS and digital signage features. 
  • Healthcare: In addition to helping healthcare providers comply with various standards, MDM solutions are now used to safeguard patient health information. 
  • Service: MDM solutions can be used to secure and manage devices used in service-oriented organisations that have adopted a mobile-first or mobile-only workforce. 
  • Education: The adoption of mobile device-based learning is on the rise in today’s education institutions, and MDM solutions can be effectively used to ensure that these devices are only used for learning purposes. 


In today’s mobile-friendly world, the importance of Mobile Device Management cannot be further emphasised. With the right MDM solution, organisations can ensure that their workers are not only able to use these devices in an effective, efficient and productive manner when conducting their official duties, but also do so in a safe and secure way.

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