What is a CAL? How many CALs do I require?

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A CAL is a Client Access Licence. You need one CAL for every barcode terminal that you will use at the same time.

The ASPluris server has a “pool” of licences (ie CALs). Each time a terminal logs in, the server checks first to see if that terminal has already been granted a licence. If it has, the terminal is allowed to log in. If not, the server then checks to see if there are any “free” licences available. If so, that terminal is granted a licence, and the terminal is allowed to log in Otherwise, the terminal is refused.

So, if the server has five licences (CALs), and five terminals have logged in, a sixth terminal will be refused. However, it is possible to “release” an existing licence, and the sixth terminal could then log on. The “released” terminal would then be refused.