ITF-14 Barcode Makers Explained

ITF-14 Barcode Makers

As an enterprise manager, you probably already know that the easiest way to manage high-volume goods is to make use of barcode technology. Barcodes provide better data that is quick and reliable for a variety of applications. How can you set up your barcode generating system though? More specifically, how can you take advantage of an ITF Barcode Maker to revolutionise warehouse management? Here is a complete guide:

What is ITF?

ITF means “Interleaved Two of Five”. It is a standard bar code, which is printed on corrugated cardboard boxes and other kinds of outer packaging to identify products. It employs spaces and bars to encode a number. Because 2 of the 5 bars are typically wide, the barcode is known as “2 of 5”. The ITF always encodes 14 digits which is why it’s commonly known as ITF-14. 

The first and second characters are represented by five bars and five spaces, respectively. Thus, ITF always uses even digits. As you may have noted in many ITF barcodes, there are numerous “2 of 5” variations. To depict the same character, they all employ the same composition, which consists of two wide bars (spaces) out of five bars (spaces). The codes are however fundamentally different despite sharing a similar makeup.

Features of ITF Barcodes:

  • One-dimensional barcodes encode 2 numerical characters for every 5 bars.
  • High data density because the information is stored in both the bars and the spaces.
  • More data can fit on the same label size compared to other linear barcodes.

What is an ITF Barcode Maker?

This is a barcode generator that allows you to create an ITF barcode graphic by selecting barcode symbology and inserting barcode data. It could be an app, online website, or other software that allows you to create a graphic containing your barcode.

After generating your ITF barcode, you can save the barcode and then paste or insert the barcode into your document. At ASP Microcomputers, our ITF barcode maker features user-friendly software that includes standard and advanced settings to create and generate barcodes in a comfortable workspace. 

Setting up the program takes little time and minimal effort. Once it is done, you can run the program to revolutionise warehouse management. Some of the things you can do with an ITF maker when generating your ITF-14 barcodes include:

  • Change the barcode resolution
  • Change the measurement unit of the bars and space (mm, inches)
  • Choose between different presets of ITF barcodes
  • Change the placement of the barcode
  • Specify the number of labels to be printed 
  • Select the picture mode between sepia, greyscale, and colour, among other options
  • You can print, add the barcodes to a list or copy them to the clipboard
  • Customising the font type, font size, font rotation, as well as bar and font colours

ITF-14 Barcode Makers

Why Should You Invest in an ITF-14 Barcode Generator?

1). Time and Cost-Effective

Using ITF barcodes is a smart move if you want to save money and time. These barcodes are a valuable and practical product labelling technique that is easy to understand and dependable. They can be used for any business or non-profit organisation. 

Better yet, barcode makers are pretty cheap, you could even get some that are free to use although some of these are pretty basic. This saves time and money spent on outsourcing such services with the end result being reduced overheads.

2). Versatility 

ITF barcodes are incredibly flexible and can be used for any type of data capture. You can also encode pricing, inventory data, and management information into the barcodes. 

ITF Barcodes can also be used to track nearly any surface, making it possible to follow not just the product itself but also the manufacturing process, shipping, and machinery.

3). Enhanced Inventory Management

An ITF-14 barcode can hold numerous characters, which allows it to store a lot of information. Because of this, the barcode reader can quickly access the data stored in the barcode, preventing time from being lost for data entry or retrieval. 

Additionally, you can use your barcode system to identify fast-selling items, slow selling items, and even study the effects of merchandising changes, which leads to better inventory management for profitability. 

ASP Microcomputers for The Best ITF Barcode Makers

For user-friendly, affordable, and efficient ITF barcode-making software that has minimal impact on computer performance, talk to ASP Microcomputers. Our programs run on very low storage space of the CPU and RAM.

Let us revolutionise inventory management, stock taking, and other warehouse operations to help you achieve a higher order rate with our barcode makers, barcode scanners, label printers, and other technologies. Software, hardware design, consulting, we can do it all. 

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