How does dedicated stocktake software differ from say a smartphone app?

Stocktaking may seem like a simple process but there are a lot of catches which can end up taking you more time to fix if your software hasn’t been thought through.  Considerations when choosing dedicated stocktake vs smartphone apps is;

i. Is the application well documented so you can determine it will do everything you need it to

ii. Is there someone you can talk to if you have any questions

iii. Can you see a demonstration of the software or even be able to trial it yourself

iv. Where is the company supplying the software located

Then there’s the hardware.  Is it a phone or is it barcode reader!  Barcode terminals are specifically designed to read barcodes.  They are lightweight, ergonomic and above all rugged to be able to handle the situations usually encountered on the shop floor where they may be dropped from a height or treated just how they should be – like a tool.  The most important consideration is the scanning performance.  A smartphone can scan via the camera and requires precise alignment and focus and often takes seconds to scan where a barcode terminal can scan hundreds of barcodes ever few seconds, and although your fingers aren’t that quick it is extremely fast compared to a smartphone.