SlimScan BT

SlimScan BT


How do I recharge the batteries?

Step 1 – Make sure the scanner is sitting in cradle correctly and the power supply is connected.


Step 2 – Press one of the two little black “charge buttons” on either side of the white disk on the cradle.

Step 3 – The charging LED should come on.

Step 4 – Once the batteries are completely charged, the red “Charging LED” will go off and the “Charge complete” LED will come on.

If things go wrong:

  • Is the power supply plugged in, and is the mains power point working?
  • Is the scanner sitting in the cradle correctly? If the LED on the cradle is red, the scanner is not sitting correctly. Try taking the scanner out and putting it back into the cradle.
  • When scanner is sitting in the cradle and the �Charge button� is pushed, but the scanner beeps 3 times, the scanner is not sitting correctly. Try taking the scanner out and putting it back in the cradle.
  • If the charge button is pressed and scanner beeps three times, the scanner has not been placed in the cradle correctly. Try taking the scanner out and put it back into the cradle.
  • Check the cradle pins. Are they all aligned and all the same length? Are there any that are bent, pushed in or snapped? If so, you will need to send the scanner and cradle to ASP for service/repairs.
  • Check the scanner contacts (scanner contacts for cradle pins). Is there any dirt, scuff or residue? If so, you can clean the contacts with a cotton bud with a little bit of methylated spirits.
  • If you’re still having a problem, try unplugging everything and start over.


Why is my SSBT making a resonating beep (high pitch squeal) when I scan a barcode?

Some people have described this as a ‘cricket sound’.

The simple answer is that the scanner has successfully scanned the barcode, but for some reason has been unable to successfully send the barcode to the PC. This problem can be at either the cradle or scanner end.

  • You may simply be outside of Bluetooth range. Bring the scanner back to the cradle and try again.
  • Use the scanner’s locating feature (see above) to determine if the scanner is paired with the cradle.
  • You may have scanned a barcode before the scanner had finished establishing a pairing with the cradle. If so, you need to wait for pairing to complete.
  • If the green light on top of the scanner is constantly on (meaning pairing has occurred), but the ‘cricket sound’ still happens, your scanner may need to be reset (see above).
  • The cradle’s USB cable may not be connected to the PC. Plug it in, and try again.
  • If you are sure that the USB cable is connected correctly, try connecting it to a different USB port – preferably one that you know is working correctly.
  • The cradle may have locked up, perhaps due to a momentary power failure. Try resetting the cradle using the procedure above.
  • If the above doesn’t help, you could test on another PC. preferably one with a different Operating System, eg. Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7.

If all else fails, please contact our Service Department –


How do I perform Force Pairing?

Please note – we do not recommend that you perform this procedure unless advised to by our service department.

Please note that this procedure must only be performed if the serial numbers on the scanner and cradle are matching, and only if you have tried all other steps above in trying to get the scanner to pair with the cradle.

  1. When the cradle is flashing blue and the scanner is flashing green, place the scanner into the cradle.
  2. You will hear a single beep if the above step was performed correctly. If not, please repeat the first step.
  3. Press and hold both charging buttons on the cradle.
  4. If done correctly, you will hear three beeps. The cradle light will then turn red, and the scanner light will flash green rapidly. Release the buttons when this happens.
  5. The cradle will now automatically pair with scanner. At this stage, all lights and LED will be constant on.


Why is my scanner not pairing?

  • Is the scanner flashing a green LED? If not, then your scanner is off and needs to be turned on.
  • Is the cradle flashing blue? If not, please check the cradle power supply.
  • Are you within Bluetooth range? If not, try bringing scanner closer to the cradle.
  • Have you got the right scanner pairing with the right cradle? Please check the serial number to see if they match. If not, locate matching serial numbers.
  • Try resetting the cradle. If the scanner LED is constantly green and there is no power to your cradle for more than 10 seconds, try resetting the scanner.
  • Try Force Pairing – note, only do this if you are sure the serial numbers are matching!
  • If this fails, please contact our Service Department by email –


How do I completely reset my SlimScan BT Cradle and Scanner?


Disconnect both the USB cable from the PC and the Power Supply from the cradle. Is there a blue or red light on the cradle? If so, you haven’t disconnected either the USB cable or the power supply. Please note that if you do not disconnect both, the cradle will not reset correctly.

If there is no light showing on the cradle, you can reconnect the power supply to power up cradle again.


Open the battery compartment (you will need a small Philips head screw driver) and remove the battery on right side of the battery compartment. Wait ten seconds or more, then replace the battery and close the battery compartment again.

We recommend removing only the right side battery, because the battery on the left has battery detection pins under it. If you remove the left battery, you must take great care not to damage these battery detecting pins when replacing the battery. It’s a lot safer to remove only the battery on the right!


What does a green flashing light on top of my scanner mean?

The green LED/light on top of the scanner indicates the current status of the scanner.

None – the scanner is off.

Flashing green – the scanner is trying to pair with the cradle.

Constant green – the scanner is paired with the cradle.

For more info on the scanner’s indicator lights, please see your SlimScan BT manual.


How do I turn on my scanner? Where is the power switch?

If the cradle has no power, or the scanner is not sitting in cradle and is left unused for more than 20 minutes, it will automatically power off to save battery life.

To turn the scanner on again, either put the scanner into the cradle, or press the red scanning trigger on scanner.


Why does my scanner beep when I press the button on the cradle?

Don’t be alarmed – it’s meant to do this! The SlimScan BT has a built-in locating feature, to help you find your scanner if you misplace it.

When the scanner is not in its cradle, press one of the (charging) buttons on the cradle – the scanner will beep three times to help you locate it.

Please note that this feature will only work if the scanner is paired with the cradle. This is a good quick test to perform to determine if scanner and cradle are paired.


Can I change the batteries? I have my own re-chargeable batteries.

Unfortunately not – this scanner required specific batteries to work correctly and re-charge. Please contact ASP or your supplier.


Why isn’t my SlimScan BT charging?

Two things to check:

  • Is the power supply plugged into the power point?
  • Is the hand held sitting correctly in the cradle?