ClickClock Mobile Data Safety

To allow us to list the ClickClock Mobile app in the Google Play Store, Google requires us to explain to you how you can request that your ClickClock Mobile account and associated data be deleted.

The ClickClock Mobile app is part of the ClickClock ecosystem, designed, developed and maintained by ASP Microcomputers. Our address and contact details are at the bottom of this page.

The ClickClock Mobile app creates a data record each time that you clock in or out. These records contain the following information:

  • An employee ID assigned to you by your employer
  • The date and time that you clocked in or out
  • A unique code that identifies the device that you are using to clock in or out.
  • Your GPS location when you clocked in or out

This data is stored in a cloud database until manually deleted. The data is accessed primarily by your employer, and may be viewed by ASP Microcomputers in the course of maintaining the system.

If you wish to close your account, you must first contact your employer and ask that your employee record in the ClickClock system be deleted. Your employer can then contact ASP Microcomputers and ask us to delete all data connected to your account.