ASPluris for Zoho Inventory

ASPluris is a fully integrated real time warehouse management barcode or RFID system using a mobile device

Everyone wants their warehouse to be more productive, right? ASPluris for Zoho Inventory is the answer, putting “big warehouse” functions like pick & pack, and inventory adjustment into the hands of your pickers on mobile devices like portable barcode readers. No more paper!   

As soon as sales orders are created, they’re available directly on the screen, ready to pick. By scanning barcodes on ordered items, your picking process is much faster and more accurate. Pick orders straight into the carton that you’re going to ship them in and feel confident that you’ve got the order right. The order is automatically completed in Zoho Inventory so that you can ship straight away.

Key features


♦ ASPluris for Zoho Inventory puts your picking lists onto the screen of a portable barcode terminal

♦ Tells your pickers where the ordered items are in your warehouse, and lets them pick the items by scanning their barcodes

♦ Places the picked items straight into the carton that you’re going to ship them in

♦  Allows authorised workers to perform inventory adjustments with ease, directly at the warehouse shelves, using a portable barcode terminal


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