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    ASPluris for ABM First-Time Installation

    This web page has been created to allow you to download the ASPluris for ABM Web Service and ASPluris Scanner Program for a first-time installation. Remember that the ASPluris for ABM Web Service and RTP (Remote Transaction Processor) must be installed on the same computer that the ABM database is stored on, for speed and efficiency reasons.

    1. Download the ASPluris installation files and documentation

    Download the ASPluris for ABM Web Service installer and the Remote Transaction Processor (RTP) installer, using the links below. Note that these links will always point to the latest versions.

    ASPluris Web Service installer (approx 3.7Mb)
    Remote Transaction Processor (RTP) installer (approx 0.5Mb)

    Save these installer files to a convenient folder on your computer, but do not run them just yet.

    Then, right-click on the following link and select Save As to download the ASPluris installation and user documentation:

    ASPluris for ABM Installation Manual (approx 0.7Mb)
    ASPluris User Guide (approx 0.9Mb)

    2. Install the ASPluris Web Service and RTP

    If you have a previous installation of the ASPluris for ABM Web Service on this computer, you must first uninstall the previous version, using the Windows Uninstall a program facility. If you don’t uninstall the old version first, the ASPluris Web Service will not be properly installed. If you don’t have a previous installation, continue on.

    So, once you’ve uninstalled the old version, run the ASPluris Web Service installer that you downloaded above.

    Once the installation completes, you will need to register the ASPluris Web Service. Open the Windows Start Menu, then select All Programs and scroll down to the ASPluris V2.3 entry and click on it to open it. Finally, click on the ASPluris entry to open the ASPluris Web Service screen. See the Installation Manual for details on the registration process.

    If you can’t register the program straight away, don’t worry too much – the ASPluris for ABM Web Service will run in trial mode for 30 days.

    Next, install the RTP that you downloaded earlier. Note that you must install the RTP on the same computer where the ABM database is located.

    3. Configure your scanner

    You don’t need to worry about installing the ASPluris Scanner Program on your Casio DT-X8 or DT-X200 scanner – it has already been installed and tested by ASP. However, you will need to configure the scanner’s Wi-Fi settings to suit your wireless network. See the Installation Manual for details on the setting the Wi-Fi configuration.

    4. Configure ABM

    See the Installation Manual for details on the modifications and additions you need to make to the ABM database.

    5. Welcome to ASPluris for ABM!

    You’re now ready to start using ASPluris.

    6. A handy hint for resellers – Demonstrations

    If you are training a group of people in the use of a hand-held scanner, or running a demonstration, it can be helpful to be able to display the scanner screen on a PC and a projector. See this link for information on conducting a scanner demonstration on a PC screen.

    7. Another handy hint for resellers – Marketing materials

    If you are looking to promote ASPluris via email campaigns or you are updating your website, we have some materials available for you at this link. If you need something that isn’t here, please don’t hesitate to ask for it.