• by ASP Microcomputers / From General / June 16, 2017

    Antimicrobial scanners for hygiene-sensitive and sterile environments

    High Performance Scanners for Sterile and Hygiene-Sensitive Applications Society is more germ-conscious than ever. It’s a trend to use devices incorporating anti-microbial materials for some specific environments to minimize the risk of spreading infectious micro-organisms and other bacteria. These scanners are loaded with the features required to perform outstanding reading performance and mobility in hygiene-sensitive […]

  • by ASP Microcomputers / From General / March 16, 2017

    ASP celebrates 40 years in 2017!

    Way back in 1977, when ASP Microcomputers started, we definitely weren’t thinking about our 40th birthday. From those humble beginnings, we’ve grown into a successful Data Technology company. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of our fantastic staff, the co-operation of suppliers, and the support of our many happy clients, here we are… 40 years on. […]

  • by ASP Microcomputers / From General / February 24, 2017

    What is RFolution!?

    Whether you’re a hardware vendor, a software developer or an end user, RFolution! solves the problems of wireless RF data collection systems for those using PC networks. Here’s how: What is RFolution!? RFolution! is a Windows PC program that allows you to: Create and test programs to operate RF Portable Barcode Readers (even without RF […]

  • by ASP Microcomputers / From General / November 30, 2016

    Our history

    ASP Microcomputers is the trading name of Grayline Holdings Pty. Ltd., a privately held Company based in the Melbourne suburb of Ormond. ASP was established in 1977, initially as an importer of computer equipment, but we were soon designing products to sell under our own name, and undertaking design work for others. ASP’s first barcode […]

  • by ASP Microcomputers / From General, Time and Attendance / November 2, 2016

    Facial Recognition

    ASP is currently evaluating a new time and attendance terminal that uses facial recognition. Stay tuned for more information. This new terminal is a breakthrough in innovation. The core algorithm and powerful hardware platform ensures that facial recognition occurs in less than a second. The advanced infrared light source enables the terminal to operate even […]

  • by ASP Microcomputers / From ASPluris, General / September 14, 2016

    ASPluris™ – Supply Chain Mobility in the Palm of Your Hand™

    Business initiatives are becoming more customer orientated, so it’s essential they add value to your customers while building you a successful and profitable business. The need for a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Warehouse Management System (WMS) with Mobility has become paramount in realising productivity and efficiency gains in today’s competitive business environment. To […]

  • by ASP Microcomputers / From Technical Notes / January 1, 2016

    RFID and RFID Applications

    Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of an object (typically referred to as an RFID tag) applied to or incorporated into a product for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves…

  • by ASP Microcomputers / From Technical Notes / January 1, 2016

    Types of ZipNet and Zip-ID Terminal Installations

    First of all, there are two types of ZipNet Terminals – one that reads IDTags only, and one that reads both IDTags and barcoded plastic cards…